Sentencing Resource Counsel (SRC) is a project of the Federal Public and Community Defenders. We assist Federal Public Defenders in fulfilling their statutory mandate to communicate with the United States Sentencing Commission and to comment on the work of the Commission; support the work of the Federal Public and Community Defenders' Legislative Committee and respond to congressional requests for assistance on criminal law matters; and provide noncapital sentencing-related training, advice, and support to Federal Public and Community Defender attorneys and staff and Criminal Justice Act (CJA) attorneys nationwide.


2024 Defender written testimony on additional proposed amendments

Defender witnesses submitted written testimony on additional proposed guideline amendments:  loss definition for purposes of §2B1.1; circuit conflicts regarding §2K2.1's reference to "altered or obliterated serial number" and grouping rules in certain cases involving §2K2.4; and several miscellaneous issues: the STOP Act of 2021, Evasion of Export Controls under §2M5.1, Offenses involving monetary instruments transactions under §2S1.3, enhanced base offense levels for certain drug offenses under §2D1.1(a), and the definition of "sex offense" in §4C1.1.